Gotta Blast!

We Build Autonomous Robot Solutions

We are a Miami, Fl based Automation & Robotics company developing self-driving solutions focused on saving users from the tiresome task of pushing around heavy objects.

Meet Rover

“We have purposely designed our autonomous solution to be highly functional and easy to use while maintaining a robust and weatherproof exterior at a feasible cost.”

GPS Tracking

Positions both the user and the robot on a physical plane.


Increase accuracy for wayfinding the user. 

Ultrasound Sensors

Provides sonar information for obstacle avoidance.


Orients the robot towards magnetic north.

Meet ROVER, he is very excited to meet you!

ROVER is a level 2 autonomous robot built with self-guidance and obstacle aversion capabilities.

That means he can follow you around and help out at your own speed.

Reach out, we’d be happy to talk.